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Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative - Physically Impaired

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Services for the Physically Impaired (PI)
and Other Health Impaired (OHI)

. . . provide technical assistance, resources, and ongoing consultation to learners, educational staff, families and agencies for learners with physical or health impairments.

. . . assistance in criteria interpretation of special education services of Physically Impaired and Other Health Impaired.

. . . provide inservice and resource materials for school staff and/or peers about PI and OHI and its implications in the school environment.

. . . provide recommendations regarding curriculum adaption and modifications for student’s physical or health impairment

. . . assist in the development of appropriate expectations related to work completion or other school behaviors.

. . . provide peer, teacher and paraprofessional instruction in:

*development of independence in work completion
*organization system design and maintenance
*technology usage
*adaptions of daily assignments
*facilitate appropriate peer interaction

. . . monitor learner programming through school contact, observation, staff or learner interviews

. . . participate in program planning and development of Individual Education Program (IEP) goals and objectives, and transition and vocational plans, when appropriate

. . . be IEP team member of students whose primary disability is Physical Impairment

. . . participate in formal and informal assessment and reassessment

. . . assist in planning safety and emergency procedures

. . . provide ongoing consultation to learners, families and educational staff on strategies, materials, recent research

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